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Lichtblickhof news

The mission of e.motion Lichtblickhof is to be there with animals and to accompany and support children, adolescents and families who are burdened by traumatic experiences, illness, death or disability. To help you regain a sense of security, predictability in the world, self-efficacy and dignity. We believe in the healing power of therapeutic work with animals, we act according to the latest research findings in order to support people to master their life again or again on their own two feet and to be able to enjoy them.

The casinos believe in the healing properties of animal therapy. That is why the casino donates part of the money earned to help animals that help people who are burdened with injuries, illness or disability. The casino aristocrat pokies online australia believes that animals that help casino visitors cope with their fear diseases and feel better should live in better conditions and eat only the food they like. The practice of helping animals has existed since the very first open casino and continues to this day.

Regarding the Corona Virus regulations, we ask you to contact your accompanying therapist!