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Welcome to e.motion - Lichtblickhof

We accompany children and adolescents who are affected by grief, trauma, disability or illness or are in life crises with our animals on a way back to life. We have a special form of therapy that we originally developed with horses, but which have now also been extended to other animals: the so-called EQUOTHERAPIE. This helps children and young people in times of crisis to regain new courage and strength.

Over-heavy luggage characterizes "our" families and children: great challenges, strokes of fate and worrying times lie ahead and behind them. What can happen next? What's next? What's not coming? Why does life often cost so much power?

Questions about questions to which no one knows any real answers and if they do, they would not be able to change anything in the given. BUT: Hope and trust can also grow and build up in these times: to know that there is someone here and does not look away despite the heavy luggage. Feeling not alone, getting a hand or being blown by a big warm horse nose. Time to silence and talk, to swallow and cry. But also a moment when the face can simply be buried in the long soft mane.

Our desire is to be there with the therapy animals precisely for those people, to accompany them, to strengthen them and to carry them through these special animals in the truest sense of the word a piece of their life path. As a non-profit association, we would like to thank all supporters, donors, sponsors and volunteers for their tireless help!

THANK YOU that with the therapy horses we can become hopefuls!

e.motion Lichtblickhof - unthinkable without support!

The association e.motion sees itself not only as a loose association for the purpose of the therapeutic offer, but as a family whose cohesion and care for each other and for the entrusted clients and animals play a significant part in the success of the last years. In this sense, we are not only proud of what has been achieved, but also grateful that such an offer is feasible in the middle of a big city.

Our existence for families and children in need has always been possible only through private donors as well as sponsors from business and administration. As a non-profit and private association, the e.motion Lichtblickhof relies on financial, material and political support in order to be able to help.

Our biggest concern at the moment is to be able to maintain and continue all that has been achieved and to continue as a positively connoted re-use project of the Otto Wagner Hospital to further expand our day hospice, the therapy and care facilities and even better to adapt the needs of those affected and their relatives.

The realization of such a project depends on many factors. Some things can and will be contributed, others are not in our hands. But one thing is certain for us:

We have this dream and the will to make it a reality!