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Translate: Univ.Prof. Dr. Thomas Stephenson

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“ Der Verein e.motion verbindet in seiner Arbeit, sowohl was die Versorgung als auch was die Forschung betrifft, therapeutische und pädagogische Elemente. Über die universitäre Ausbildung, die wissenschaftliche Beratung und Projektleitung und in meiner Eigenschaft als klinischer Psychologe, Psychotherapeut und habilitierter Pädagoge war ich von Anfang an mit e.motion verbunden. Die pädagogische/psychologische/psychotherapeutische Leitung und Supervision ist daher die konsequente Fortführung dieser langen Kooperation. “

•Individualpsychologischer Psychotherapeut

•Klinischer Psychologe und Gesundheitspsychologe

•Universitätsprofessor für Psychotherapiewissenschaft an der Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität Wien

•Universitätsdozent für Psychoanalytische Pädagogik und Sonder- und Heilpädagogik an der Universität Wien

•Im Aus- und Fortbildungs-, Supervisions-, Seminar- und Forschungsbereich innerhalb verschiedener universitärer und außeruniversitärer Institutionen tätig.

Mag. Roswitha Zink

General Manager, Therapist

Mag. Verena Bittmann

General manager, therapist

Mag. Dorothea Haas

Organisation, therapist

Mag. Sophie Kapp

fundraising, therapist

Gundula Hauser


Mag. Renate Deimel

Organisation, therapist

Corinna Glenk

organisation, therapist

Valerie Glenk, BA

Organisation, therapist

Anna Naber, MAs


Team Konsiliar E

Mag. Erika Kronbichler

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Elisabeth Fröhlich

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Christina Sellmeister

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Ina Ettl


jakob mayerA story of everyday heroes...

We try to offer the therapy horses of e.motion a comfortable and lovely home with that they can be there daily filled with power, joy and a lot of empathy for “their” children. The home of the was many times honoured.

This HOME of our four-legged friends –the stables, willows and area around the roomy open stable at Lichtblickhof and in Vienna at Otto Wagners Hospital- is looked after with a lot of commitment, energy and heart by our stable team. This plays an incredibly important role for the wellbeing of all animal as well as for all human being coming and going.
In the morning the stable has to be mucked out and hay has to be put in the hay nets. The sheep are led to the willow and are brought back in the afternoon. Guinea pigs and rabbits are attending carrots, apples and grass. Buckets are filled up with water, in winter snow is dug away and in summer the willows are controlled and mowed. Deliveries of hay and straw are settled in the attic. Uncountable heavy bins of organic waste are filled every day and moved from A to B. The sandy soil of the indoor riding arena has to be watered to be dust-free and in between harrowed. This list could be continued for a long long time… There are so many things to do every day so that everything is considered and everyone feels comfortable!
THANK YOU! Thanks a lot to our great stable team! At the moment our stable team consists of Tony and Andy full-time and Iris and Moritz besides their studies!
MANY THANKS to all voluntary workers and MANY THANKS to all therapists and horsecarers which feel responsible to finish stable tasks until late evening and take care for a relaxing and satisfied night for all animals of e.motion!

You can find further information under the category “Animals and Animal welfare” and find already awarded prices for horse keeping and the stable concept of e.motion!