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Welcome to e.motion - Lichtblickhof

We accompany children and adolescents who are affected by grief, trauma, disability or illness or are in life crises with our animals on a way back to life. We have a special form of therapy that we originally developed with horses, but which have now also been extended to other animals: the so-called EQUOTHERAPIE. This helps children and young people in times of crisis to regain new courage and strength.

Over-heavy luggage characterizes "our" families and children: great challenges, strokes of fate and worrying times lie ahead and behind them. What can happen next? What's next? What's not coming? Why does life often cost so much power?

Questions about questions to which no one knows any real answers and if they do, they would not be able to change anything in the given. BUT: Hope and trust can also grow and build up in these times: to know that there is someone here and does not look away despite the heavy luggage. Feeling not alone, getting a hand or being blown by a big warm horse nose. Time to silence and talk, to swallow and cry. But also a moment when the face can simply be buried in the long soft mane.

Our desire is to be there with the therapy animals precisely for those people, to accompany them, to strengthen them and to carry them through these special animals in the truest sense of the word a piece of their life path. As a non-profit association, we would like to thank all supporters, donors, sponsors and volunteers for their tireless help!

THANK YOU that with the therapy horses we can become hopefuls!

e.motion Lichtblickhof - unthinkable without support!

The association e.motion sees itself not only as a loose association for the purpose of the therapeutic offer, but as a family whose cohesion and care for each other and for the entrusted clients and animals play a significant part in the success of the last years. In this sense, we are not only proud of what has been achieved, but also grateful that such an offer is feasible in the middle of a big city.

Our existence for families and children in need has always been possible only through private donors as well as sponsors from business and administration. As a non-profit and private association, the e.motion Lichtblickhof relies on financial, material and political support in order to be able to help.

Our biggest concern at the moment is to be able to maintain and continue all that has been achieved and to continue as a positively connoted re-use project of the Otto Wagner Hospital to further expand our day hospice, the therapy and care facilities and even better to adapt the needs of those affected and their relatives.

The realization of such a project depends on many factors. Some things can and will be contributed, others are not in our hands. But one thing is certain for us:

We have this dream and the will to make it a reality!


Verein e.motion – Lichtblickhof Wien

Klinik Penzing 
Baumgartner Höhe 1 
1140 Wien

Verein e.motion – Lichtblickhof Niederösterreich

Steinbach 3,
3144 Wald



Telephone: +43 (0)680 441 48 49

Monday: 10 - 14 
Tuesday: 10 - 14 
Wednesday: 14 - 17
Thursday: 10 - 14
Friday: 9:30 - 12 Uhr


Association e.motion-Lichtblickhof

Mag. Roswitha Zink, Managing Director, and Mag. Verena Bittmann, Deputy Managing Director, lead the association. For the presidency of e.motion, Gundula Hauser, former President of Intternational Therapeutic Riding association, was found.

We thank the board for their great support to realise so many projects!

President: Gundula Hauser

Chairwoman: Mag. Roswitha Zink
Chairwoman deputy: Dr. Dagmar Schratter
Cashier: Ingrid Weber
Cashier deputy: Mag. Verena Bittmann
Secretary: Elisabeth Lehrner
Auditors: Margarete Bittmann und Ing. Franz Tatarek

Translate: Univ.Prof. Dr. Thomas Stephenson

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“ Der Verein e.motion verbindet in seiner Arbeit, sowohl was die Versorgung als auch was die Forschung betrifft, therapeutische und pädagogische Elemente. Über die universitäre Ausbildung, die wissenschaftliche Beratung und Projektleitung und in meiner Eigenschaft als klinischer Psychologe, Psychotherapeut und habilitierter Pädagoge war ich von Anfang an mit e.motion verbunden. Die pädagogische/psychologische/psychotherapeutische Leitung und Supervision ist daher die konsequente Fortführung dieser langen Kooperation. “

•Individualpsychologischer Psychotherapeut

•Klinischer Psychologe und Gesundheitspsychologe

•Universitätsprofessor für Psychotherapiewissenschaft an der Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität Wien

•Universitätsdozent für Psychoanalytische Pädagogik und Sonder- und Heilpädagogik an der Universität Wien

•Im Aus- und Fortbildungs-, Supervisions-, Seminar- und Forschungsbereich innerhalb verschiedener universitärer und außeruniversitärer Institutionen tätig.

Mag. Roswitha Zink

General Manager, Therapist

Mag. Verena Bittmann

General manager, therapist

Mag. Dorothea Haas

Organisation, therapist

Mag. Sophie Kapp

fundraising, therapist

Gundula Hauser


Mag. Renate Deimel

Organisation, therapist

Corinna Glenk

organisation, therapist

Valerie Glenk, BA

Organisation, therapist

Anna Naber, MAs


Team Konsiliar E

Mag. Erika Kronbichler

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Elisabeth Fröhlich

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Christina Sellmeister

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Ina Ettl


jakob mayerA story of everyday heroes...

We try to offer the therapy horses of e.motion a comfortable and lovely home with that they can be there daily filled with power, joy and a lot of empathy for “their” children. The home of the was many times honoured.

This HOME of our four-legged friends –the stables, willows and area around the roomy open stable at Lichtblickhof and in Vienna at Otto Wagners Hospital- is looked after with a lot of commitment, energy and heart by our stable team. This plays an incredibly important role for the wellbeing of all animal as well as for all human being coming and going.
In the morning the stable has to be mucked out and hay has to be put in the hay nets. The sheep are led to the willow and are brought back in the afternoon. Guinea pigs and rabbits are attending carrots, apples and grass. Buckets are filled up with water, in winter snow is dug away and in summer the willows are controlled and mowed. Deliveries of hay and straw are settled in the attic. Uncountable heavy bins of organic waste are filled every day and moved from A to B. The sandy soil of the indoor riding arena has to be watered to be dust-free and in between harrowed. This list could be continued for a long long time… There are so many things to do every day so that everything is considered and everyone feels comfortable!
THANK YOU! Thanks a lot to our great stable team! At the moment our stable team consists of Tony and Andy full-time and Iris and Moritz besides their studies!
MANY THANKS to all voluntary workers and MANY THANKS to all therapists and horsecarers which feel responsible to finish stable tasks until late evening and take care for a relaxing and satisfied night for all animals of e.motion!

You can find further information under the category “Animals and Animal welfare” and find already awarded prices for horse keeping and the stable concept of e.motion!


Animal husbandry and welfare

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E.motion is aware that the therapy horses form the core of therapeutic work and do great things every day. It always has been important to us to do science-based and professional therapeutic work, but to the same extent we also feel "our" animals obliged their welfare and care means a lot of responsibility. The essential feature of the therapeutic method is the assumption that animals can do many things better than humans and can help us with their body language sensitivity. Each client learns to interpret the language of horses and enter into a dialogue with the horse that touches the soul of man. For all animal species living at our place, we fulfill not only animal welfare policies, but are putting new standards in many areas .. Therefore, our rabbits live on 100m² with many tubes and caves and a multi-storey wooden house in an outdoor enclosure. The sheep graze in the orchard and have a "Villa", the horses have a very thoughtful open stable, a sand place - and sleeping space and a little grove as an insect repellent. The "flats" of our animals are cleaned several times a day and have in winter heated watering places. Whether horse, sheep or dog: The animals are specially trained, have areas of retreat, living according to their needs in human or animal association and fulfill major tasks for our children and youth.


The use of animals at e.motion is retained by a timetable that complements workout by training and weekly concepts.  No animal is allowed more than 4 hours per day (treatment is not physically but mentally exhausting work) and each has two days per week off. In addition, all animals have a Supervisor (reference Horses caregivers) who take care of the recreation and relaxation as well as muscle and balance training.

Many of our horses are from difficult backgrounds, animal shelters or slaughterhouses.

All were troubled and have difficult personalities, had to be physically and emotionally cared for and became especially through years of training, so they now assist as therapy animals for people in difficult situations.

The horses absolve three years of training. Only then they start slowly and thoughtfully into the therapy.

Although this force in our training and animal husbandry criteria represent a major expense and are very time-consuming since years, we see a big difference in quality and the welfare and needs-oriented attitude of our animals is a concern to us.

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2008: Auszeichnung der Schweizer Vereinigung für Heilpädagogisches Reiten (der einzigen Vereinigung Europaweit, die solche Prüfungen durchführt): Auszeichnung für besonders vorbildliche Pferdebetriebe im Dienste von Menschen mit besonderen Bedürfnissen. Kategorien wie Haltung, Offenstall und Ausbildung, sowie Rollitauglichkeit und Sanitäre Einrichtung und Elternwarteraum sind hier entscheidend!

2011: LAG Pferderevue Award Kategorie artgerechte Pferdehaltung: Österreichweite Einsendung und Prämierung von Offenställen

2012: Verleihung des Bundestierschutzpreises durch das Bundesministerium für Gesundheit


Therapiepferde schenken Kraft klein

Our therapy horses

The contact with horses is both, stimulating and relaxing: The horses touch us especially on the emotional domain through their analogue communication and encourage us to constant mental and physical movements. Horses approach human courageously and unbiased. They see us with different eyes because they don’t read social codes of clothes, beauty and norm. Their senses read expressions, the body language and quality of movement. Horses can see feelings in our movement.

The training of therapy horses is very complex and lengthy. After absolving this, horses can support Equotherapy as follows:

Therapy horses as mouthpiece for feelings:
Therapy horses serve as speaker of feelings for therapists. At the same clients are supposed to learn to interpret the language of horses and test an emotional feedback.

Therapy horses as animator and companion:
For many clients therapy horses are the motivation to jump over one’s own shadow and to face themes and exercises. Apropos of nothing, horses reduce fears and awkwardness. Horses hold the therapy sessions in the here and now and turn seriousness into a game.

Therapy horses as trainer for life:
In the course of games and test of courages, in individual or group practice, clients tackle intensively with therapy horses. This results in a good training for (everyday) life and contact with fellow men.

Guinea pigs and rabbits

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Besides the therapy horses there have some other animals their home at e.motion: Next to the tipi there is an area for the small domestic animals. Four guine pigs and two rabbits are sharing a home. They can be observed during the day running, looking for food, digging, hidingand relaxing. 

Paying attention to these small animals needs a lot of patience and empathy! Lifting them up, grabbing them or stroking frightens them. The more respectful and careful one approaches them, the more curious they are and are pleased with made-up playing ideas, that are fun and spark interest.

It’s often a possibility for frightened children to entry the enriched world of animals. For tumultuous children they offer an experience of slowness and the art of small and careful movements.stürmischen Kindern lehren sie die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit und die Kunst der kleinen und achtsamen Bewegungen.



Kind mit Pferd und Schaf

Next to the riding arena there lives a little flock of sheep. Out of their sheep villa they greet every arriving visitor with a strong “BÄÄÄÄÄHH” and a happy about every humans who stops by and visits them in the contacting zone.

Of course our sheep travel to Lichtblickhof as well and are looked after by the children- the stable has to mocked out and they need fresh water and hay- and sometimes some sheep company our excursions with the horses.

Spring time is a very exciting time for the sheep families: As soon as the first lambkin is born, the mothers have to look after them. After short time, the little ones jump around the meadows and start exploring the world.

And sometimes we have to support them growing up, for example when a sheep mother has too less milk. Then there is a real bottle- fed baby which develop a great trust in human.


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At the indicated times you should be able to reach us by phone - as we do not have a secretariat or a fixed office, we ask for your understanding that we may not be able to take off at the indicated times in the short term - if for example hay needs to be stored, unpredictable missions Calling around the children and horses or keep us in winter temperatures a water pipe break on record ... Even on public holidays, it may happen that we are less accessible. In these cases or outside of the telephone hours, we ask you to leave us a message and callback number on the mobile box. Thank you for your understanding!

In acute emergencies you can reach us under: 0043-664/50 50 123