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Lectures and workshops

Workshops and lectures at small and large specialist conferences always earned a lot of recognition for the methodical design of e.motion and we are looking forward to the professional exchange again this year.

The dates for our workshops

"Meet a Mustangin the Vienna Zoo take place regularly from April to October.



17.2. Workshop fo interns

12.-14.4. Lecture to heartrate study 15th Triennial Iahaio Conference (Green Chimmneys, USA)

13.+14.6. Workshop at MITEINANDER BEWEGT 2. Pädiatrischer Hospiz- und Palliativkongress in Österreich, Salzburg (

19.+20.10 Lecture at Horses 4 Humans


We are available for further information if you are interested in our research. We really enjoy researching and networking with like-minded people and we look forward to exchanges. Unfortunately, our time resources for this are often limited. We are primarily therapists for children and adolescents in crises and, of course, care for the animals should not be neglected, as there is often little time for science. We ask for your understanding that answering inquiries can sometimes take a little more time!