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Palliative, trauma and grief counselling with animals for children with serious illnesses or disabilities

Kind im Rollstuhl

Lichtblickhof is a place of life especially for families whose child is affected by an incurable and life-shortening illness. Despite the difficult fate, it is possible to create moments of joy and lightness, to relax, to experience rays of light, to feel confidence and cohesion and to gather strength for challenges that still have to be mastered. For a lifetime. The multi-professional team provides individual and needs-based support. It is supported by specially trained animals that allow plenty of space for encounters and non-verbal communication, sensitively perceive and respond to children's basic needs and help to give as much space as possible to the "here and now". Being able to get involved and a dignified cooperation, reliability and responsibility towards the families, as well as the experience of self-efficacy and security are the top priority for us.

Rehabilitation and hospice support for children and adolescents at two locations

Our locations are on the one hand on the premises of the Vienna Otto Wagner Hospital, and on the other hand near St. Pölten. On the Baumgartner Höhe, in the middle of the big city, a unique therapy center was built, which is also internationally valued. Outpatient support and crisis support for families and children take place here. It would be a great wish to be able to help families, especially in acute times, at the location in Vienna by creating / renting a nearby living space for counseling even more intensively and adapted to individual needs. Inpatient care takes place at our second location, the Lichtblickhof near St. Pölten in Lower Austria. Here it is already possible to accommodate families around the clock for a long time.

Beliefs and guidelines

Accompanying children / adolescents with incurable and life-shortening diseases with specially trained animals.

A life long.

The individual and needs-based support from a multi-professional team helps farm and nature as places of life and encounter, being together in the here and now, relaxation, rehabilitation and experiencing meaningfulness despite experiencing particular difficult challenges. Our team supports our children, adolescents and families to experience dignity, self-efficacy and security. By being there reliably, giving support, relieving pressure and finding resources with chronic illnesses, traumatization or disabilities, the team helps to get back into life.

e.motion Lichtblickhof – What we do

    • Inpatient care within the framework of therapeutic impulse weeks and family days
    • Outpatient counselling within the context of crisis intensive support and regular therapeutic units
    • Mobile care and support for families and children
    • Scientific research, lectures and congresses
    • Information and educational work




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