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Donation information

Our association e.motion Lichblickhof is 80% financed by donations. We are therefore dependent on your support and therefore offer various options:

In addition to the incredibly important donations, there are other ways to support us at work.

On the one hand you will find the possibilities for private persons and on the other hand possibilities for companies - of course we are also open for new ideas.

If you can not support us, we will be happy if you continue to tell your friends - because there is simply more to do together!

 We say thank you danke for your interest to support us!


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Donations from private individuals

IBAN of the e.motion Lichtblickhof association:

IBAN: AT25 1200 0504 7256 0101


Your donation is tax-deductible in accordance with the donation grant notice § 4a Z. 3 and 4 EStG of the BMF (Tax Office Vienna 1/23);
Our BMF registration number: SO 2184

Important information about the tax deductibility of your donation:

Since 2017, your donations are taken into account in the automatic employee assessment in the following year. You can no longer report these donations yourself to the tax office. We have to take over this task for you.

For the message to the tax office, we need your exact first and last name, address and date of birth from you. You can also unsubscribe from the tax benefit at any time.

Here you can tell us your data: Absetzbarkeit von Spenden

We ask for your understanding that donation receipts can only be issued at the end of the year! But you are welcome to ask us how much they have already donated.


Donation from companies Prinzessin

There are several ways you can support us as a company:

Partners: Partners are the organizations that have made it their mission to provide grief, trauma, illness or disability affected children and adolescents an opportunity to gather at the Lichtblickhof new strength for the often so heavy everyday life and through a therapy with us again to see the bright spots in life.

Gold sponsors are companies that support us for many years with high sums of money and have become a firm anchor for us!

Social sponsors are those companies whose employees themselves lend a hand. Together as a teambuilding or as a social day for one-to-one employees - here they diligently keep in mind, create new things, repair old ones and pay more and more often also the material for the project!

Sponsors are those companies that support our work either with know-how, or with larger and smaller donations in kind or just such donations!

The commitment of all partners and sponsors is not only based on financial support. Thanks to the commitment of these companies, many of their employees have become an integral part of our organization through their active, voluntary work on projects, helper weekends, etc. Without this broad support many projects would not be possible.

All of this is very valuable to us, as it makes it possible for us to give bright lights to happy children with satisfied and well-groomed animals!