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The Lichtblick membership enables severely ill children and adolescents in times of crisis to recharge their batteries in difficult everyday life, a spark of hope in great sadness and a smile between tears. With the Lichtblick membership, you can create an environment in which our therapists make glimpses of the animals possible.

We are "development companions" for children and adolescents, thus we carry a lot of responsibility. Through their Lichtblick membership, you take part of this responsibility and enable continuity for our children and animals. Since children and animals in particular demand hard daily work and routine in order to get a sense of security, it is important that rhythm and consistency are provided for them, at least here, because that is what they need most - a place where they are allowed to take root, to be able to test themselves, are welcome and find support. Here, our children and teenagers fill up the energy and the courage to spread their wings into life and always have a possibility to stopover.


Your advantages:

♥ From an amount of € 25 per month - of course there are no limits.
♥ You will receive an annual report once a year.
♥ You will receive a newsletter at least 4 times a year.
♥ You can appear on our homepage as desired or refer to it on your homepage.
♥ The membership is cancelable at any time, without giving reasons, a short email is sufficient.
♥ Payment via standing order.
♥ The membership is tax deductible!
♥ You receive as a thank you, a small gift made by the children.
♥ The Lichtblick membership is not understood as a club membership but as a sponsoring membership, you acquire neither membership rights nor the obligations of a member.

We would be glad if you would become a part of us!

Give them a Lichtblick membership!

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