Verein e.motion – Lichtblickhof Wien

Klinik Penzing 
Baumgartner Höhe 1 
1140 Wien

Verein e.motion – Lichtblickhof Niederösterreich

Steinbach 3,
3144 Wald



Telephone: +43 (0)680 441 48 49

Monday: 10 - 14 
Tuesday: 10 - 14 
Wednesday: 14 - 17
Thursday: 10 - 14
Friday: 9:30 - 12 Uhr


plan ows weg

At the indicated times you should be able to reach us by phone - as we do not have a secretariat or a fixed office, we ask for your understanding that we may not be able to take off at the indicated times in the short term - if for example hay needs to be stored, unpredictable missions Calling around the children and horses or keep us in winter temperatures a water pipe break on record ... Even on public holidays, it may happen that we are less accessible. In these cases or outside of the telephone hours, we ask you to leave us a message and callback number on the mobile box. Thank you for your understanding!

In acute emergencies you can reach us under: 0043-664/50 50 123