Guinea pigs and rabbits

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Besides the therapy horses there have some other animals their home at e.motion: Next to the tipi there is an area for the small domestic animals. Four guine pigs and two rabbits are sharing a home. They can be observed during the day running, looking for food, digging, hidingand relaxing. 

Paying attention to these small animals needs a lot of patience and empathy! Lifting them up, grabbing them or stroking frightens them. The more respectful and careful one approaches them, the more curious they are and are pleased with made-up playing ideas, that are fun and spark interest.

It’s often a possibility for frightened children to entry the enriched world of animals. For tumultuous children they offer an experience of slowness and the art of small and careful movements.stürmischen Kindern lehren sie die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit und die Kunst der kleinen und achtsamen Bewegungen.



Kind mit Pferd und Schaf

Next to the riding arena there lives a little flock of sheep. Out of their sheep villa they greet every arriving visitor with a strong “BÄÄÄÄÄHH” and a happy about every humans who stops by and visits them in the contacting zone.

Of course our sheep travel to Lichtblickhof as well and are looked after by the children- the stable has to mocked out and they need fresh water and hay- and sometimes some sheep company our excursions with the horses.

Spring time is a very exciting time for the sheep families: As soon as the first lambkin is born, the mothers have to look after them. After short time, the little ones jump around the meadows and start exploring the world.

And sometimes we have to support them growing up, for example when a sheep mother has too less milk. Then there is a real bottle- fed baby which develop a great trust in human.