Therapiepferde schenken Kraft klein

Our therapy horses

The contact with horses is both, stimulating and relaxing: The horses touch us especially on the emotional domain through their analogue communication and encourage us to constant mental and physical movements. Horses approach human courageously and unbiased. They see us with different eyes because they don’t read social codes of clothes, beauty and norm. Their senses read expressions, the body language and quality of movement. Horses can see feelings in our movement.

The training of therapy horses is very complex and lengthy. After absolving this, horses can support Equotherapy as follows:

Therapy horses as mouthpiece for feelings:
Therapy horses serve as speaker of feelings for therapists. At the same clients are supposed to learn to interpret the language of horses and test an emotional feedback.

Therapy horses as animator and companion:
For many clients therapy horses are the motivation to jump over one’s own shadow and to face themes and exercises. Apropos of nothing, horses reduce fears and awkwardness. Horses hold the therapy sessions in the here and now and turn seriousness into a game.

Therapy horses as trainer for life:
In the course of games and test of courages, in individual or group practice, clients tackle intensively with therapy horses. This results in a good training for (everyday) life and contact with fellow men.