Therapeutic single setting sessions for children and adolescents

In these sessions, we accompany children and adolescents experiencing crises or working on a traumatic experience. Even problems without an obvious cause have their reason- therefore we start searching carefully and respectfully a way to a satisfied and healthy life.
Starting therapy, there is a taster meeting (initial consultation) to get to know each other. Afterwards the child visits about two units (depending on age and your wish with or without you). In these sessions with the horse, we try to picture the strengths and weaknesses. After this unbiased encounter, a detailed conversation about anamnesis and therapy concept with the parents takes place. The possible main emphasis of the therapy will be found together.
The children get a lot of energy and new impetus from the horses and us. Horses challenge humans to strike up a relationship without words. It is a new, non-verbal offering, stimulating all senses und opening doors for development steps. During therapy there may be times focusing uneasiness. To be confronted with this feeling and reappraise problems are important steps for a way to more quality of life. We may ask you as a parent to support your child through this process.
During a conversation about the course or conclusion of therapy, there is an exchange of experiences and –if necessary- a definition of new goals. We made the experience that long- term changes need time. We kindly ask you to communicate to your child that it will get this time.
The therapeutic single setting sessions for children and adolescents include:
  • Equotherapy
  • Therapeutic company according to an individual therapeutic concept
  • A process report
  • Conversation about anamnesis and therapy concept
  • Conversation about the course or the conclusion of therapy
  • Networking with a psychosocial team (if required)
  • Crisis intervention (if required)
You can find details to Equotherapy, the indication and phases of therapy below the menu item methods.
The sessions are kept in blocks of therapy. The cost are payed once for a block and the amount depends on the number of sessions.

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