Adventure- based learning with animals- Trekking

Under the slogan “Carry and to be carried” goes a particular adventure:

Together with horses and caregivers we hike with backpack, gasoline stove, sleeping bag,... through the nature. The horses help carrying the luggage und also carry the participants some parts of the path.

Learning through experiences, in movement and doing is especially for children and adolescents with a challenging past an important offering. Trekking with horses offers many opportunities to test playfully skills for a satisfied life. All activities are managed together: Cooking, planning the next route und going on. Every participant is needed with his special skills und contributes something positive for the group. The horses also offer the opportunity to strike up a relationship on a nonverbal level. They want to be cared for and give straight and direct feedback. Horses can help to find a new entrance when the relationship to humans is disturbed.

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