Our Wishlist

Some bigger whishes wait to be fulfilled:*

* Support for families which can’t afford therapy (each semester): up to €950,-

* Covering of the container: about €5000,-

* A fitting saddle for our offspring horses: about €3000,-

* A watering place for our sheep surviving winter: about €14000

* A tipping trough for our tractor: about €1190,-

* A tractor shovel: about €574,-

* A new paddock fence for our horses at Otto Wagner Hospital: about €4000,-

* Mini trampoline: about €600,-

* 2 mud bottoms to play and feel one’s body: about €350,-

* Inoculation or worming for 18 horses: about €40,-

* Blacksmith for 18 horses: about €30,- each horse

* Battery for the electronic fence: about €30,-

* Bedding straw for animals (about 4000 packets each year): 1 packet = €8,-

* Printing posters of our sujets

different building material, tools, and crafting tools: power drill wood from post to board … and any other things for the maintenance of our farm.

different equipment for the stable and its surrounding: rake, shovel, broom or wheelbarrow …and similar thing for a clean stable for our horses.

different stationery and office supplies Stabilo Woody pencils copy paper coloured paper ballpoints USB flash drive … for a lovely design of our sessions.

different therapy materials: balls, fabrics, movement toys CDs with music … to trave

different delicacies for horses: apple, carrots, vegetables … for a goody at the end of a therapy day.


*We provide with pleasure in return boards of sponsoring in the area of the horse- therapy- center. For this purpose, we would kindly ask you to make your printable logo available.


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If our work pleases you, we would be greatful for your donation!

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