Equotherapy, our therapy with horses, is founded on the special ability of those great animals- The ability of recognizing nonverbal body language impulses and reporting them to the therapist. The horse is caring - it contributes to people - and at the same time calls for responsibility and courage, because it needs to be guided and controlled. This antagonistic impulses are taken up by the therapist and meassured up so that the clients can grow.

All this is based on a silent language that caused by body tension, facial expressions and gestures: in a moving dialogue!  

People who are facing great challenges and have experienced great suffering, appreciate this unique relationship offer without intention, without language, without social context.


Equotherapie is divided into four interlocking overarching phases:

Initial phase

At the beginning all the necessary skills for joint therapy be built.

Motor phase

Then it is important to feel the own body and to train its motor abilities.

Dialogue phase

Now the learned motor skills and body awareness is improved to a movement dialogue with the animal.

Language phase

Finally, the use of body language is expanded to analogue voice, verbs and conversations.


The effects of Equotherapie are manifold:

  • Increased confidence, appreciation of the self-image, self-reflection
  • Improvement of concentration and learning ability, as well as the spatial orientation assets
  • Improve of the overall mobility, the movement coordination and the sense of balance
  • Relaxation (even with spastic manifestations)
  • Willingness to set goals and aim for them
  • Ability to face traumatic experiences and learn to integrate them into a satisfying life
  • Personality development

Iinterdisciplinary methodological diversity


Apart from the medium horse arises mostly from the source job and the additional qualifications of the supervising trainers, educators and therapists an interdisciplinary methodological diversity. This creates entrances to the individual life from different angles. Thus, for example, at elements of experiential learning: cooperation games and problem solving tasks can help to make a group vivid and to reflect their own role based on the game. New strategies are tried, old ones are strengthened.

Our approach emphasizes the basic needs. Natural experiences are brought to life through reflection phases - this dispute should combine "Hand, Head and Heart". We want to create a framework for development and recreation. The various media and methods flow into one another, they are not to be distinguished from each other neither in its effect nor in its "benefits". Perhaps it even is the combination and unity of the media and methods that make up the "effects" of this action.


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