The integrative show group

We don’t want to be sloppy with the term therapy. For us, therapy is a process with a begin, a way and a goal that has methodological considerations. It’s very important that humans with special needs don’t experience “therapy” automatically every leisure activity they join. But there is a grey zone –especially in working on development processes with children and adolescents- which offers help and stimulation on the one hand and supports specifically individuality and self- determination on the other hand. In this zone we see the show group which differs in duration and aim from other therapy projects.

The show group is group of about eight children and adolescents forming a friendly network between humans with disabilities and humans that experienced illness or a traumatic experience. As therapists, we support the common understanding und organize the context of joined activities.

There is one special thing about our show group: It isn’t just a private support for abilities and needs of its participants, it applies directly to the public.

It points the requests of people with handicaps and demonstrates the possibility of helping through animals. At the same time, the group represents a great joy for the participants and supports their abilities for a happy and satisfied life.

In accordance with our slogan “Almost a Play” we overcome difficulties almost playful by dancing, acting and doing acrobatics with the animals together. Results and abilities are always relative to possibilities. The dog Ronja has no problems with something the horse Felicità will never be able to. And that’s the same with every other participant:

Everyone has its special qualities and shows extraordinary achievements.

Fun serves as model for success.

What is normal? What is disability?

We want to show that there is always a way to “don’t bury one’s hand in the sand”.


There have been many appearances of the integrative show group. Here an excerpt:

Vienna Town Hall Square – protection of animal action day
Horses exhibition in Wiener Neustadt (4 days, 3 appearances each day)
250 years celebration of Vienna’s Zoo and other celebrations
Celebration of horses in Schlosshof at March Field in Lower Austria
Christmas celebration at horse center “Zobelhof”
Horse market in Stössing
City festival in Purkersdorf
Christmas celebration of the Otto Wagner Hospital
and many other summer festivals and village fetes

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