Animal husbandry and welfare


E.motion is aware that the therapy horses form the core of therapeutic work and do great things every day. It always has been important to us to do science-based and professional therapeutic work, but to the same extent we also feel "our" animals obliged their welfare and care means a lot of responsibility. The essential feature of the therapeutic method is the assumption that animals can do many things better than humans and can help us with their body language sensitivity. Each client learns to interpret the language of horses and enter into a dialogue with the horse that touches the soul of man. For all animal species living at our place, we fulfill not only animal welfare policies, but are putting new standards in many areas .. Therefore, our rabbits live on 100m² with many tubes and caves and a multi-storey wooden house in an outdoor enclosure. The sheep graze in the orchard and have a "Villa", the horses have a very thoughtful open stable, a sand place - and sleeping space and a little grove as an insect repellent. The "flats" of our animals are cleaned several times a day and have in winter heated watering places. Whether horse, sheep or dog: The animals are specially trained, have areas of retreat, living according to their needs in human or animal association and fulfill major tasks for our children and youth.

The use of animals at e.motion is retained by a timetable that complements workout by training and weekly concepts.  No animal is allowed more than 4 hours per day (treatment is not physically but mentally exhausting work) and each has two days per week off. In addition, all animals have a Supervisor (reference Horses caregivers) who take care of the recreation and relaxation as well as muscle and balance training.

Many of our horses are from difficult backgrounds, animal shelters or slaughterhouses.

All were troubled and have difficult personalities, had to be physically and emotionally cared for and became especially through years of training, so they now assist as therapy animals for people in difficult situations.

The horses absolve three years of training. Only then they start slowly and thoughtfully into the therapy.

Although this force in our training and animal husbandry criteria represent a major expense and are very time-consuming since years, we see a big difference in quality and the welfare and needs-oriented attitude of our animals is a concern to us.







2008: Award of the Swiss Association for Therapeutic Riding (The only association in Europe, performing such tests): Award for the most exemplary horse farms in the service of people with special needs. Categories like care taking, open stables and training, and heelchair suitability, sanitary facilities and parents waiting room are crucial here!

2011: LAG Pferderevue Award Category appropriate Horse keeping:  Austria-wide submission and awarding of open stables

2012: Award of federal animal protection by the Federal Ministry of Health

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