We offer a special therapy with horses, it is called Equotherapy. We help children who are in different crisis to find their courage to face life and regain their strength.

Great strokes of fate and heavy times; thats what the families and children who come to us are witnessing. Whats bound to happen next? Will we be able to bear it? Why does life require so much strength? Those and other questions which no one can really answer bother them. We don't know the answers either BUT we belive that hope and trust are allways able to grow. Knowing some one is out there to watch out for you and to BE there can give you strenth. Not being alone, having a open hand held out or geting touched by a warm horse nose makes you feel wanted and needed.

There is time to be in silence, time to talk, time to cry  and time to lough, and moments to just hide away in the long horse mane and forget about time.

Our aim and our wish is to help those people with our therapyhorses to  carry their sorrows on a part of their journey through life.

As a non-profit organisation we are thankful to all supporters and sponsors for their great help!

THANK YOU, for helping us to carry on HOPE!

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